James Waves - EPK

Official press kit for James Nickele, aka, James Waves.

Please direct all inquiries to jameswavesmusic@gmail.com



James Waves is a Chicago born and raised songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. 

In addition to guitar, Waves plays bass guitar, drums, and keys. And how he learned, and came to respect, these instruments is just part of his story.

His fans cling to his words, swoon over his voice and are moved and inspired by his instrumentation. The album, Modality, is another success for James. 


waves' music

Waves' latest album, dropped in late 2017, is titled Modality, and is available via Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming services. 

MP3s:  Google Drive MP3 folder for Modality (unzipped)

Zip File:  Download Modality via .zip file (virus scanned)

Soundcloud: Stream songs Modality on Soundcloud


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